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The region benefits from a mosaic of vineyards: there are limestone, clay-limestone, sandy and siliceous soils, distributed in trays and forming gently sloping terraces around the medieval city.

Grape varieties

Merlot is the main one. Its importance in blending contributes to the refined elegance of the wines.

Secondary roles include Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.


The richness and diversity of its wines compose a painting with infinite nuances that were appreciated by the court of Louis XIV.

The king himself named the Saint-Emilion «nectar of the Gods».

Château Cheval Blanc.png
Château Ausone.png
Chapelle d'Ausone.png
Château Cheval Blanc 2023
450€ HT / BT 

 98-99 JS / 98-100 RP 

Château Cheval Blanc is a prestigious wine estate, owned by Bernard Arnaud and Albert Frère since 1998. Pierre Lurton is now in charge of managing and directing the destiny of Château Cheval Blanc.


Its unique position and bold blend of grape varieties give Château Cheval Blanc its unique character, so appreciated by the world.

Château Ausone 2023
505€ HT / BT 

 98-99 JS / 95-97 RP

Château Ausone stands out as a rare gem of French viticulture, nestled in the heart of Saint-Émilion. A singular wine that knows how to make itself desired. Indeed, production is limited to 15,000 bottles a year.


According to legend, Château Ausone takes its name from Decimus Magnus Ausonius, a famous Latin poet and political advisor in the Late Empire.

Chapelle d'Ausone 2023
140€ HT / BT 

91-93 RP 

It takes its name from the medieval chapel on the property. This chapel is an emblematic site surrounded by vines. It is part of the history and tradition of the winery.


Chapelle d'Ausone, the estate's second wine, is even rarer than the grand vin, with around 5,000 bottles produced each year.


The complexity of its wines is much sought-after by wine lovers and collectors the world over.

Chateau Canon LG.png
Château La Gaffelière.png
Château Canon.png
Château Canon
La Gaffelière 2023

Price pending release

90-92 RP /  96-97 JS

The Premier Grand Cru Classé B, a mark of quality for elegant, pure wines, is located at the foot of the slope of the medieval village of Saint-Emilion. This location sets it apart from other estates in the appellation, as it benefits from exceptional sun exposure and clayey-limestone and sandy-clay soils that are particularly receptive to heat.


A perfect balance between sky and earth, which has an impact on the structure of the grape varieties, combining Merlot and Cabernet.

Château La Gaffelière 2023
Price pending release

 94-95 JS / 90-92 RP

Saint-Émilion's Premier Grand Cru Classé bears witness to very ancient origins. Mosaics discovered during excavations attest to the presence of vines on the estate as far back as Gallo-Roman times.


Château La Gaffelière's vineyards are located in the "golden triangle" between the hills of Châteaux Pavie and Ausone, where vines are grown in the traditional way and vinified with a modern approach.

Château Canon 2023
Price pending release

96-98 RP /  99-100 JS

Château Canon is a wine estate that boasts exceptional grands crus as well as a privileged location, nestled on the heights of the Saint-Émilion limestone plateau.

Named after the famous sailor and privateer of the King of France, Jacques Kanon, this superb estate has been owned by Chanel group since 1996 and is managed by the talented Nicolas Audebert.

Château Angelus.png
Château Pavie.png
Château Figeac.png
Château Angelus 2023
303€ HT / BT 

95-96 RP

It is recognized around the world as one of the jewels in the crown of the Saint-Émilion appellation.


It takes its name from the location of the vineyard. Indeed, the winemakers heard the bells of the Angelus sounded by the chapel of Mazerat and the churches of Saint-Émilion and Saint-Martin.

In 1959, the Élysée Palace purchased bottles of Angélus for a visit by the Queen of England. This contributed to the château's growing reputation.

Château Pavie 2023
Price pending release

99-100 JS

Château Pavie is a famous wine estate considered to be one of the most prestigious and sought-after in the region.


The history of Château Pavie goes back several centuries, with traces of winemaking on the property dating back to the 4th century.


It has been owned by Gérard Perse since 1998.

Château Figeac 2023
Price pending release

 97-98 JS / 96-98 RP 

Premier Grand Cru Classé B in the official classification of Saint-Émilion wines, it is renowned for producing top-quality wines whose elegance is appreciated by wine lovers from all over the world.


Its history dates back to the 2nd century, when it belonged to the Figeacus family, from whom it takes its name. The estate, comprising a Gallo-Roman villa and vineyards, became the property of the Decazes family in the 15th century.

Château Troplong Mondot.png
Château Troplong Mondot 2023
Price pending release

 97-98 JS / 95-97 RP 

This Premier Grand Cru Classé B dominates the vineyards of Saint-Emilion from the top of the Côte Pavie. It is renowned for producing exceptional wines that embody the soul of the Saint-Émilion appellation.

Because of the exceptional care and know-how that are granted to its vines, its vintages, full of delicacy and vivacity, are still honored by rave reviews.

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