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Pomerol stands on gravel and sandy soils. 

Grape varieties

Almost all Bordeaux grape varieties can be used (Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Côt, etc.). Merlot is the predominant.


The rarity of this appellation on the market, due to its size of 785 hectares, is matched only by the quality expressed by the flavors of its wines.

Château Nenin.png
Château Évangile.png
Château Gazin.png

Château Nenin 2023 

56€ HT / BT

 94-95 JS

Château Nénin's geographical location on the southern slopes of the Pomerol plateau and its location on the appellation's noblest clay-gravel terroirs provide ideal conditions for the development of its vineyards.


The terroir is composed of clay-gravel soils, typical of the Pomerol region, ensuring the birth of a powerful, refined Grand Vin whose richness blossoms over the years.

Château l'Évangile 2023 

180€ HT / BT

96-97 JS

Château de l'Evangile dates back to the 18th century and was owned by various families until Baron Eric de Rothschild bought the property in 1990.

Taking advantage of its exceptional terroir and a wealth of know-how, l'Evangile has achieved outstanding wine quality. For many connoisseurs, the subtle, elegant quality is indeed the hallmark of this wine.

Château Gazin 2023 

Price pending release

95-96 JS

Since its birth in the 18th century, Château Gazin has been renowned for producing top-quality wines that respect the terroir and ecosystems, and is considered one of Pomerol's most respected estates.

Vintage after vintage, the wines shine with freshness and purity of fruit, displaying finesse and complexity over time.

Vieux Château Certan.png
Château La Conseillante.png
Château Petit-Village.png

Vieux Château Certan 2023 

Price pending release

97-98 JS

Considered one of the oldest crus in the Pomerol appellation, since its creation is estimated at around 1745, the estate takes its name from its proximity to Château Certan Giraud and Château Certan de May.

The château's history and high standards date back to the 19th century. Its ambition and rigor in producing wines of exceptional aroma have contributed to its national and international renown.

Château La Conseillante 2023 

Price pending release

97-98 JS

Considered one of Pomerol's jewels, the Château is a direct tribute to its founder Catherine Conseillan, who came from a family of merchants. From the outset, she managed the estate with an iron fist. The Nicolas family acquired the estate in 1871.

Its mosaic of terroirs has given rise to the precious wines of La Conseillante, embodying the finesse and elegance of this Château.

Château Petit-Village 2023 

Price pending release

 94-95 JS

Château Petit-Village's approach is to combine ancestral vineyard practices with modern tools, without harming nature.

The vineyard, made up of fine gravel, is located on the upper part of the magnificent Pomerol plateau. A prime location for producing great wines faithful to this exceptional terroir. A marvel of complexity and finesse closely sought-after by great wine lovers.

Château Clinet.png
Château l'Église Clinet.png

Château Clinet 2023 

Price pending release

 95-96 JS

Château Clinet is renowned for producing top-quality wines and is considered one of Pomerol's most prestigious estates.

Thanks to its expertise, the Château has an excellent international reputation. While not boasting the prestige associated with its name, Château Clinet has always shown humility, challenged itself and learned from the past. The ultimate goal is to preserve the richness of their heritage and pass it on to future generations.

Château l'Église Clinet 2023

Price pending release

97-98 JS 

Patience has been the key word in the history of this estate, surrounded by ancestral châteaux.

It was bought in 1882 by the current owner's great-great-grandfather, but production never proved profitable. It took all the visionary know-how of the winemaker, as well as time and patience, to allow the wine-making potential of this estate to blossom. Today, it is much sought-after for the richness and elegance of its wines.

Château l'Eglise-Clinet's relatively small surface area (5.5 hectares) implies low wine production, and by extension, patience to discover a wine with complex flavors.

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