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The gravel soil of Saint-Esthèphe is slightly more clayey than in the more southern AOC of the Médoc.

Grape varieties

The grape varieties used are Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet franc.


Each Saint-Estèphe is a wine that awakens its potential over the years, giving way to a more intense color, a stronger tannic structure and extreme finesse.

Pavillon Blanc.png
Château Cos d'Estournel.png
Château Montrose.png
Château Margaux
Pavillon Blanc 2023
Price pending release

 96-97 JS / 93-95 RP 

Château Margaux is renowned as one of the world's finest. A reputation it owes to its title of Premier Grand Cru in the 1855 classification of Médoc wines.


No fewer than 200,000 bottles are produced each year. Pavillon Blanc's vines are located on a former parcel of land originally dedicated to red wine production.


Pavillon Blanc is considered one of the finest white wines of the Left Bank.

Château Cos d'Estournel 2023
133€ HT / BT 

 98-99 JS / 95-96 RP 

As the 2nd Grand Cru Classé, it is renowned for its wines beyond the ordinary, which bring a touch of the exotic to the table. A unique characteristic that owes much to its founder, nicknamed the "Maharajah of Saint-Estèphe" for his taste for the Orient.


An invitation to discover the treasures of the Eastern World, Château Cos d'Estournel is renowned for its atypical architecture. The refinement and oriental touch of this property evoke a distant palace on the desert plains, making Cos d'Estournel an emblematic name in the Bordeaux wine world.

Château Montrose 2023
Price pending release

 99-100 JS / 97-100 RP 

A testament to more than two centuries of history, Château Montrose takes its name from the color of the heather that once covered the moor on the Château's grounds. Classified as a Second Growth in the official Bordeaux wine classification of 1855, Château Montrose's vineyards are unique in that they are all in one piece. It also boasts a veritable mosaic of terroirs, contributing to the delicate complexity of its wines.

Montrose know-how has been handed down through the generations, spanning the decades without breaking its promise.

Château Calon-Segur.png
Château Meyney.png
Château Calon-Segur 2023
Price pending release

94-96 RP /  96-97 JS

The history of this Third Cru dates back to medieval times, when the estate was owned by the abbey of Saint-Estèphe. In the 13th century, the domain was acquired by the lord of Calon, who gave his name to the domain. In the 18th century, Château Calon Ségur was bought by Nicolas-Alexandre de Ségu. To pay tribute to his love for the land of Calon, he renamed the domain Calon Ségur. Today, it is the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa group and its subsidiary Suravenir Assurances, which owns the domain.


An emblematic element of Château Calon-Ségur is the heart on its label, symbolizing the love and passion dedicated to wine. An affection that is found in the deep and generous character of its wines that captivates wine lovers around the world.

Château Meyney 2023
21,70€ HT / BT 

Classified Cru Bourgeois Exceptional, a recognition of the quality of its wines, the neighbor of Montrose benefits from a terroir of first order on the edge of the Gironde.

The first vines of Château Meyney were planted by the monks under the Ancien Régime. The archives refer to it as Couvent des Feuillants or Prieuré des Couleys. Following the French Revolution, Château Meyney was acquired by the Luetkens family, to which it belonged for several generations.

Since 2004, the estate has belonged to Crédit Agricole Grands Crus.


Under the technical direction of Anne Le Naour, and with the advice of the oenologist Denis Dubourdieu, Meyney signs powerful and distinguished wines.

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